Admissions Criteria


Admissions Criteria for B&NES Primary Schools 2017/18



Children in Public care (Looked after Children) or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order.


(The 3 categories in this criterion will be given equal consideration).

  • Children who live within a 1.5 mile radius* of the school and for whom there will be a sibling in attendance on the admission date at the preferred school.
  • Children who live outside a 1.5 mile radius* of the school but their sibling was offered a place prior to September 2013 and will be in attendance at the time of admission.
  • Children who live outside a 1.5 mile radius* of the school but it is their closest Community or Voluntary Controlled School and for whom there will be a sibling in attendance on the admission date at the preferred school.


Children who live closest to the school as measured in a direct line.

Additional Notes

To be considered under the above criteria parents must have named the school as a preference. Under the above criteria all preferences are considered equally. If a child qualifies for more than one school they will be offered their highest preference as stated on their application form.

* The 1.5 mile radius will be measured from the address point of a school as defined by the Local Land & Property Gazetter (LLPG). In the case of paired Infant and Junior Schools the 1.5 mile radius will apply from the address point of both schools with the exception of Oldfield Park Infant School, Oldfield Park Junior School, St Michael’s Junior School and Twerton Infant School. For these particular schools the 1.5 mile radius will be measured from a midpoint between the paired schools. For Oldfield Park Infant and Oldfield Park Junior Schools the midpoint is 29 Maybrick Road, BA2 3PU and for St Michael’s Junior and Twerton Infant Schools the midpoint is 29 Cleeve Green BA2 1SD.

In all cases, distances will be measured in a direct line from the address point of the child’s home address to the address point of a school as defined by the Local Land & Property Gazetter (LLPG). Measurements will be determined using the Local Authority’s GIS computerised mapping system.

If under all the above criteria any single category resulted in oversubscription, those living closer to the preferred school would receive the higher priority.

In the event of the school being oversubscribed where the applicant for the final qualifying place(s) available within the admission number is the parent/carer of twins, triplets or other multiple births the authority will breach the admission number to allow these children to be offered places. In the case of schools where there would be Infant Class Size issues such children will remain as an ‘excepted pupil’ to the class size limit for the time they are in an infant class or until the class numbers fall back to the normal class size limit of 30.

For the purposes of Criterion B, a paired infant and junior school will be treated as one school. The paired schools are:

Chandag Infant and Junior Schools,

Moorlands Infant and Junior Schools,

Oldfield Park Infant and Junior Schools,

Paulton Infant and Junior Schools,

St Saviour’s Infant and Junior Schools,

Southdown Infant and Junior Schools,

Twerton Infant and St Michael’s Junior Schools,

Widcombe Infant and Junior Schools.

Please note this applies to applications for Widcombe Infant School only. Widcombe C of E Junior School is a Voluntary Aided School and has its own individual admissions criteria details of which are published separately.


Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) are dealt with through the SEN Code of Practice and their placement is determined through the statutory assessment process or an annual review of their statement. All schools are consulted before being named on a pupil’s Statement and schools have the opportunity to draw attention to any difficulties arising from oversubscribed year groups. If a particular school is named on a Statement this will take priority over the Admissions Criteria, although, wherever possible the place will be offered within the Admission Number for the school.

Parents/Carers who make a formal appeal against their allocated school will have their child’s name kept on a waiting list for any places which may become available at their preferred school. They may also ask for their child to remain on the waiting list without making a formal appeal. Any places which do become available will be reallocated using the Admissions Criteria, taking into account those parents who have asked to remain on the waiting list or who have lodged a formal appeal together with any late applications received. However children who are the subject of a direction by a local authority to admit or who are allocated to a school in accordance with a Fair Access Protocol must take precedence over those on a waiting list.

Every effort will be made to contact applicants on the waiting list using the last contact details provided by the applicant, but, where a response to an offer has not been received within 10 school days, the offer will be withdrawn and the available place offered to the next child on the waiting list to qualify for the available place.

The child’s home address is defined as the permanent address where he or she generally resides with their parent. Temporary addresses may not be used to obtain school places. A random sample of 10% of all applications received each year will be checked to confirm addresses using the Council Tax Office, Electoral Roll and if appropriate the school currently attended before allocations are made. A copy of a utility bill may also be requested. In certain additional cases proof of residency will also be determined by using the above methods. Once proof is obtained that the parent is resident at the address given it will be accepted that the child is also resident at this address.

Where parents share parental responsibility for a child but live separately if two applications are received from the child’s parents the LA will ask them to determine which application it should consider and which application should be withdrawn. This is because the LA will offer only one school place to a child at any one time. If parents cannot agree they should resolve the issue through the court system for example to obtain a ‘Specific Issues Order’ which specifies which parent has responsibility to make decisions on school preferences. However in the absence of any Order the application received from the parent who receives Child Benefit for the child will be the only one considered. Parents may be asked to provide supporting documentation confirming receipt of child benefit.

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